• Sometimes it can be really difficult to find inspiration for some people that get cheered on for creativity , atleast for me it is . 
  • You just have to brainstorm your mind a bit , search some patterns , textures or things that actually matter in the world that no one else notices but you . 
  • Since I’m trying to start my career in fashion design , beauty , and marketing . I do have a huge imagination , which kind of sounds crazy but i love creating things that people dont have , i dont like to be like everyone else because it is just too boring . 
  • Sometimes my mom gets upset at me for not dressing a certain way or styling my hair like other girls she see , well I’m not one of them . I like to dress unique and classy and the way she sees it isn’t her expertise but i think in my opinion everyone should dress the way you want . THE BEST WAY TO EXPRESS YOURSELF IS THE WAY YOU DRESS ! Not only is it good to style in your own way but it tells a story and thats what i love about fashion there is an unlimited amount of creativity in this world you just have to find it . 
  • Article by : Shaelen Serrano 
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