A true obsession and fashion staple that I never get tired of wearing are blazers and coats. Especially that the fall season is right around the corner you need to own at least one blazer and one coat in your closet. One con i would have to say about blazers and coats is the price, they are often a pretty penny but it is worth an investment. Depending the material of the blazer/coat is the price . Two-button or three-button blazers will look good no matter which material is chosen. A one-button blazer, because it is so thin, will probably look best with a lighter material like wool, cotton, or silk although it would also make sense to give the jacket a bit more bulk with a thicker fabric. A double-breasted blazer, on the other hand, can swallow the wearer up if it features a heavy flannel or tweed fabric.

Here are some of my favorite fabrics when it comes to blazers/coats.


If you are on a budget polyester is the fabric most of them will have. Polyester is a synthetic material which causes it to not breathe well, they trap moisture and heat, and they also look cheaper when compared to other fabrics. However, it does stretch a bit better than most other fabrics, which can make them great for gaining a bit of extra comfort. Polyester is often blended with other, more expensive fabrics in order to make a decent blazer at a reasonable cost.


Silk is a very comfortable, luxurious, soft piece of fabric. A price tag on any silk blazer will reflect on cause of how good the material is. Now if you are on a budget there are cheaper versions of it. Silk is blended with wool in order to make the jacket cheaper for people who can’t afford the most expensive kind, it will all the advantages this fabric normally has just in a lesser degree.


Suede is a very expensive material and quite comfortable. They are perfect to wear to workplaces or an interview and a night out. The downfall with suede is you have to take care of it . It takes a little maintenance to maintain it clean and good looking. It is very difficult to get rid of wrinkles and especially stains , once you get a stain on that suede you are screwed.


Wool is really good material , it has that all-year round look. It is very versatile you can wear it any time or any occasion. There’s also a cheaper material which is wool-blended it is mixed with polyester to make it a little more stretchy and comfortable.

Here are some tips on when buying a blazer or coat :


And if you’re looking for coats or blazers at the moment here are some affordable great pieces :

P.S. All these blazers/coats go all the way up to size 16

image3xxl  hmprod-4

ASOS belted wrap coat(nude) : 99.00                                              H&M black wool coat(black): 39.99

hmprod-5  _10654488

H&M wool blend coat(camel): 99.00                                                     GUESS piped stand collar trench coat(white) : 129.00 (nordstrom)

hmprod hmprod-1

H&M jacket(black) : 39.99                                                                     H&M Crepe jacket (creme): 34.99

hmprod-2 image3xxl-2

H&M Crepe jacket(olive): 34.99                                                                      ASOS premium suit blazer(mint) : 90.00

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