Oh do i get this question a million times a day, which i don’t mind but i do want to set the record straight on why i love the Kardashians so much especially Kim. I remember the first time i watched KUWTK and i was only 10 years old, me running through channels and i think to myself “Who the hell are these people?”, “They look hispanic , eh ill watch it”. By then i just started to watch their show they had a lot of humor, a lot of drama (clearly), but I did not know really much about them till i did some research. Now growing up for me as a teen i had many many insecurities and i still do today but they made me open my eyes a bit. We all know if you know the Kardashians you definitely know about Kim’s sex tape. Yes i hear it all “Why is she your idol, she’s a whore”, “She’s a slut, they’re all retarded”. Ive heard it all and I’m use to it. Kim took a horrible situation from someone that she loved and turned into a multi-million dollar franchise, she took something so horrible into her having a clothing store with her sisters, magazine covers, beauty/hair products, and way much more. They aren’t perfect but they are so confident each and every single one, which i really admire from them. Like i said before I am not what so ever perfect, neither are they which they inspire me to keep on focusing on my goal and simply not giving a fuck what anybody thinks. Another Kardashian that i do really keep up with is Khloe.


She has been body shamed numerous times everywhere and i thought to myself “she is perfect, i don’t get why people keep trashing her through the media about her body when in fact, i wish i did have her body.” Then after a gruesome divorce she simply gave a big fuck you to everyone that body shamed her  on the cover and having huge spread on COMPLEX magazine, the whole world was blown away, including me. I wasn’t surprised though Khloe is and always will be a beautiful confident woman and i wish i had an ounce of that confidence. They all inspire me to be confident, be yourself and at the end of the day people will still judge you no matter what cause either they envy you, or wish they were you.kim-kardashian-valentino-haute-couture-fashion-show-02

Another thing i want to get cleared out is another thing of Kim, she was not Paris Hilton’s bitch she was her close friend at the time and Kim started her career as stylist and and closet stylist as well, she would re-do celebrities closets and sell their things on e-bay. Obviously she got her attention from the media when her ex-boyfriend Ray j which he was unfortunately considered as a “rapper” at the time their sex tape was leaked. All I have to say is they aren’t bad people, people make mistakes thats how you learn in life to not do it again. Imagine being judged for every single little thing that you do and it being caught on the tabloids for the most ridiculous rumor in the world and other people actually believing, you would be fucking pissed right? Now imagine being in Kim’s shoes how would you feel about the world judging you in everything that you’d do? Crazy right. People will always want to see the worst in you cause thats just how vicious people can be. The Kardashians have shown me to always stay positive and do what you want in life and be yourself.


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