We all have those moments that you can’t splurge when it comes to shopping especially if it involves makeup. I have been through those situations before and surprisingly there are some really great products for a very great price and some of these products I use on a daily, probably the most expensive thing that I have found is a found or powder for 13 to 15 dollars.


true_match_kolory loreal-true-match-foundation

Loreal’s True Match line is absolutely fantastic not only does it have a great formula they have even have SPF in it !

Loreal True Match Foundation-8.69                                        Loreal True Match Powder-7.99


The makeup trend right now is highlighting and contouring, it can be a bit pricey but these are some great alternatives.

blogger-image--82552927Higlight : Loreal True Match LUMI powder-11.00                   Loreal True Match LUMI illuminator-10.99

11348_83701_900_px_deptImg.jpg._deptImgE.L.F. Cosmetics Golden Bronzer-3.00


A very important thing to do when doing your makeup is your eyebrows, another important trend that is in right now. These are one of the BEST products that I have ever used on my eyebrows:

elf-eyebrowkit2w1E.LF. Cosmetics gel eyeliner duo -3.00

41oZJIY+coL._SY355_                           MILANI Cosmetics Brow Fix Brow Kit-5.99



Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara-6.99

maybellineMaybelline Lasting Eye Drama Gel Liner-7.59

IMG_4785A great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palletes are these which are the Loreal La Pallete 1 & 2- 15.99 each


2r5zerjThese are one of the BEST OF THE BEST lip products I have ever tried, they are the NYX Cosmetics soft matte lip cream -5.99 each



These are beyond my favorite brushes of all time, they come some in kits for around 15 to 20 dollars and you can buy them in singles they are great way better than MAC brushes i can tell you that!

*Leave a reply below if you have any questions*


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