• All my life I have struggled with my weight, hair, skin, and teeth. I wasn’t born with a “perfect” body, straight teeth, long thick hair, or perfect skin atleast I was for a bit. Society has this specific look that every women should have and if you don’t have it then you aren’t worthy. To me that is complete bullshit.
  • Not too long ago I was trying to find myself. What kind of person that I wanted to be and what I wanted to pursue in my life. I want to be a fashion designer with my own brand, not just any brand. A brand that would represent all women, we are all equal. We shouldn’t be bringing each other down, its bad enough that society and “men” judge us.
  • I want to have a company that embraces women of all sizes. I know the feeling of going into a store and not finding something as simple as a shirt or even pants, I will have everything for my brand its going to symbolize confidence, positivity, and just feeling sexy in your own skin.
  • Show off the things you don’t like about yourself, stop thinking of what people are going to say about you because, at the end of the day they will talk no matter what. People love to bring others down cause they either wish they had the attitude or character that you have.
  • I realized that not too long ago and you know what, just live your life, be positive no matter what the circumstances are. Show off your skin, show off that smile, show off your hair, hips, arms, anything that you consider as a flaw embrace it. Your flaws are what make you unique, that’s how I look at it. I know at first you would be scared but in the end it shows that you are a powerful human being.
  • Do you honestly think models are considered born perfect? If only you knew the things they have to go through in order to get that “look”. And I’m not talking about all models but the majority of them. And yes if you really are considering doing plastic surgery then do it! Fuck what people think, you want to do better for yourself and if thats what you think is best then do it.
  • I made this blog post because, I want all women to know all ages, that who you are physically doesn’t define how you are internally. Be proud of you are and what you want to represent. Show off what you got cause that makes you, YOU!

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