• Almost every morning is a rushed one. I need my sleep I take every minute very seriously cause I just simply love my sleep. But I want to look good in the morning as if I spent hours doing my makeup and I just look absolutely flawless. There are some little tricks that can help you out in the morning when you have absolutely no time  what so ever.
  •   Dry shampoo will be your main bae in the morning. Here’s the Kloraine Dry shampoo with oat milk travel size-9.00 you can get it at target. Not only is it a travel size product, you can throw it in your purse and your good to go! The perks of dry shampoo is that you use it without water, it volumizes your hair to look as if you blow dried it, and the best of all it saves you time.
  •    Something really important that you don’t want to look like in the morning is like a dead zombie. Honey those dark circles gotta go! This is the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat-28.00. It’s an iconic concealer & highlighter, it has amazing product not only does it cover your dark circles but it also brightens your face so you can seem awake even though you are extremely tired on the inside.
  •                          Never EVER forget about mascara. A saying that I have always heard is “Your eyes are the nipples of your face.” Weird but true. This mascara gives the effect of real long lashes. Maybelline Las Sensational Mascara-6.99 
  •   As well you can never forget about eyeliner, it creates an illusion as if you took your sweet time trying to look flawless when in reality you just use acouple of products on the go! LOreal the infiallible blackbuster eyeliner-6.49 
  •   You do not want to have crusty chapped lips. Always keep a lip balm in your purse it’s just a natural staple that every girl should own. Chapped up lips aren’t cute and wil never be a “trend”. Jack Black intense therapy lip balm-7.50
  • All these tips can really help you out, in reality a little goes a long way! 

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