I have heard back and fourth about photoshopping, the good and the bad. I am in no shame what so ever that I photoshop. It has been a really long time since Ive done it and photo shop isn’t a bad thing. Depending on how you do it to your photo is the way it will look. People automatically think photo shop is just making yourself look slimmer. NO SWEETHEART USE YOUR BRAIN! Photo Shop enhances your features, basically anything. From slimming yourself down, making your hair and skin look flawless, and even to applying makeup on. I am not against it what so ever and trust me when I tell you given fact, almost everyone that you know uses it.

Do you really think all those magazine covers, fashion campaigns, makeup campaigns, literally anything that involves promoting something photoshopping is used. From the most well known celebrities from Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce. Yes these women use photo shop its actually a normal thing to do. Now if you do it to an extent that clearly does not look like you at all you shouldn’t do it. In reality you should not judge people for what they do on social media let people do what they want, its their life and if you want to photo shop go right ahead just make sure you  stunt! And I made this post because, people just love judge me at every move I make. All I can say is simply WHO CARES? Does my personal stuff really matter that much to you? Just do you and do what makes you happy.


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