So lately I have been in a bit of a skin care craze and I still do love my makeup dearly but the key to having a flawless makeup look is by having flawless skin.

I prefer to do my skin care routine during the night because your skin absorbs the nutrients that it is given to and there is no makeup put into it right after like a morning skin routine.

I like to use two face washes because I feel like one isn’t enough so I wash my face twice which is 4 a day ( 2 in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m.)

LEFT-Simple SkinCare Foaming Cleanser, I absolutely love this stuff not only is it lightweight but it is 100% natural. It has no harsh chemicals, nothing artificial, and includes multi-vitamins that your skin needs on a daily basis. If you have extremely sensitive skin you can check out there entire skin care line it is dedicated for sensitive skin.

RIGHT-Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial Wash, this product is more of a deep cleaning it is natural as well and has tea tree oil and tamarind extract which helps prevent unwanted blemishes and this product is for blemished and oily skin. Its basically a detox for the face which I love and the best thing of this product having a combination of three important amenities which is african black soap (to prevent blemishes), tamarind extract ( helps exfoliate and brighten skin) and tea tree oil ( helps reduce appearance of breakouts.)


After I finish washing the dirt and oil from my face I like to have a little extra deep cleaning because there is always residue left over no matter what so I like to use Sea Breeze and what this product is basically like witch hazel just with a different label to it. It deep cleans the trapped oil and makeup that the face wash couldn’t reach.



A daily moisturizer is an essential for ALL skin types! No matter if you have oily to combination skin moisturizing your skin is a must. I always liked using the Aveeno daily moisturizer because it doesn’t irritate my skin and it doesn’t irritate my eyes if i get some on it by accident. It is always better to get a moisturizer without scent because, that means it has chemicals that may harsh your skin depending on how sensitive it is.

If you have any questions regarding the list of skin items that I just posted, leave a reply at the bottom.

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