This years NYFW was complete mix of up’s & downs. It was a 50/50 for me with the new collections that were released. Personally Im starting to see that designers are beginning to lose that ‘creative thought’ that they always had that makes designers their own and different towards everything else.


Anna Sui meets the 70’s, this entire collection screams patterns and lots of color. The velvet incorporated coats are all the talk. I love the combination of pattern balancing colors that match perfectly. You can tell the collection has the 70’s vibe because, of the round sunglasses oversized coats, mix of patterns, and of course the fringe.


Forget about looking for the perfect winter outfit because Calvin Klein has it. The fashion show was opened on the last day of fashion week and it was completely worth it. The shades of dark tones incorporated with purple tones was absolutely pleasing. The golden outfit of the night was the black suit, all eyes were on that suit. Also, the series of silk dresses were also very appealing. Designer Francisco Costa, continued with the lingerie theme this AW collection with the left straps and ties to trail, long leather belts knotted and left loose, and braces on trousers left to hang around the hips which gave a feeling of a sensual taste to it.


DKNY contained a mash-up of 90’s classic trends. Designers wanted to turn the tables and make the collection seem more freely and confident.Tailored jackets were abbreviated, trousers were wide and slouchy while shirting was oversized with tails hanging. They also served up baggy silk dungarees with huge plastic clips, apron-style skirts, punky net tops, and appealing riffs on the silk slip dress; one was hooded, another was seemingly held together with criss cross red hiking laces. They also had silk T-shirts stamped with the message “insert logo here”. DKNY knows how to turn something tired and dull into something new and fresh.


One thing I love most about seeing the new and upcoming collections of Oscar De La Renta, the designers remain intact with its signature theme that Mr.De La Renta has kept since the beginning. With their ravishing colors of raspberry, grays, burgundy and with a touch of emerald make the entire collection outstanding.


Vera Wang slays in black. This years Vera Wang collection came with limit amount of colors which were black (of course) and earth tones. The outfits were all clean and with a solid finish. Each piece had a touch of a sexy look to it that made it flattering which is what designer Vera Wang always gives in her pieces.


DVF had a romantic bohemian feeling to the outfits.Their signature silk-jersey wrap dresses in subtle pretty prints were accessorised with knee-high suede boots, fox fur wraps and fringed bags were incorporated with each outfit. Diane always has an elegant touch to her designs.


Puma decided to collaborate with one of the greatest artists known in this generation, Rihanna. When the news broke out that Rihanna was collaborating with Puma, it shined a light in interest back to the brand. Rihanna gave this collection with a fierce look to it. It was confident and embracing the two most simple colors, black & white. Rihanna has a simplicity to her style that is is so unique and distinctive that everyone wants.


Kanye West releases his 3rd collection collaborating with Adidas once again. Debuting his collection in Madison Square Garden which was sold out in 10 minutes, was one of Kanye’s most finest collections yet. Sticking to the warm earth tones that each season included, this years had a combination of brown tones with splashes of red. There was no doubt that Kanye wanted his show to remain serious and professional. The models could not make any facial expression or any significant type of body language what so ever. Kanye wanted the viewers to keep their eye on the outfits and vision that he had for each. Kanye states he has “bigger things coming out” and if a sold out arena including millions of people watching it live in selected theaters means it wasn’t crazy enough then I don’t know what is. Kanye is the only one that understands Kanye’s vision.NEW YORK F


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