I can’t stress this topic enough. What is really wrong with being confident? I always see people that take jurassic risks when it comes to embracing themselves and becoming confident, coming out of their shelves and being who they are. No matter what size they are, or how their skin looks, or how they style themselves. For instance, I am one of those girls that love to boost everyone up, giving them a burst of confidence. When it comes to a stranger or a close friend. Whenever I see someone down or insecure, shit I boost them up I am that kind of girl. But when it comes to me, my worst bully is my mother and I love her to death, she gave me life, blah blah blah but, the purpose of this matter is she always pointed out the flaws I have and she will say it in a matter that makes me want to cut her out of my life. Do you know what it is to have your own mother say ” If you don’t lose weight, I’m never speaking to you again.” It amazes me how my own mother said that and I typically ignore her and forget about it but this, this just goes to show that even though I tell her and show her how confident I am and I love to embrace my flaws that, my own mother tells me to re-correct them. And I love her to death she has giving me everything but, there is a line that you can’t cross.

I wrote this because, I want all of you guys to know that if you are in a stage that you may feel insecure or you’re hiding who you are & think that no one will accept you for embracing yourself then, think again. I always say this and it’s “what’s wrong with being confident?” And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident. If you want to go on a diet then do it, if you don’t then don’t, if you want plastic surgery then get it. Fuck what people think. Whatever embraces you and makes you a better person is what matters. Don’t ever let people’s words determine who you are emotionally and especially physically.


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