Hey lovelies! I have always thought that being like everyone else and blending in with the crowd made you feel like you belong and everything will be fine but as I’ve grown up and learned, I realized that it’s the complete opposite.

  • Even though there are people in this world that may find the things that you like to do or be are out of the ordinary, that is what makes you, you. And just because you have a different perspective on what career you want to take or you have different beliefs, it shouldn’t define you as an “odd” or “weird” person.
  • I have been made fun of & bullied because, I always thought that being yourself was weird. Everyone says to “be yourself” but when you actually do it, they think you should change everything. And you know what I think about that? Fuck that.
  • My advice to all of you guys that feel extremely insecure about what people may think of the things you love or love to do:  fuck what they think, you have one life and if you are not going to fully live it the way you want then surround yourself with people that are full of love and accepting yourself for who you are. Always be bold or italic but never, be regular.

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