Hey lovelies! So If you guys don’t know what the “john tucker must die” experience is, i’ll tell you!


  • John Tucker is a fictional character from the 2006 movie “John Tucker Must Die”. He is in high school, the most attractive and popular guy in the school, most importantly he is a smooth talker and knows how to play mind games with girls. He dates 3 girls in the same school but the girls are all from different groups in high school. One is a cheerleader, the other is a vegan activist and the other one is a brainiac. A new girl comes to the school and they all find out that they have been getting played so they decide to give John Tucker a taste of his own medicine.



My experience was really similar to John Tucker because he had 4 main attributes that remind me of him:

  • He was a natural born flirt/smooth talker.
  • He was talking to more than 3 girls.
  • He picked girls that didn’t know each other what so ever.
  • He said the EXACT same shit to one another.



I have been speaking to this guy on and off for years, he would tell me some bullshit story, filling shit in my head that just made me stick along. And he has done some pretty mean things that when he would open his mouth I would completely forget. Luckily I met another girl that was speaking to him as well that messaged me and ever since that day we stay in touch because, of how ridiculous this guy has played girls left and right. He LITERALLY said the exact same things to the other girl and myself. And trust me when I tell you that there are way more girls.

So what really made him remind me of John Tucker is recently he decided out of nowhere that he wanted to settle down and he wanted to get to know me better, he even wanted to spend the night with me (netflix and chill shit) and I am so focused in my life and career at the moment that I didn’t even have time for it like I have my days that I want a relationship then I have my days that I am just like “thank god I’m single”. But it was just something about him that always made me be drawn to him.

It was the day before we were going to hang out and I go on snapchat & I see that he posted a snap and it was of him disgustingly sticking his tongue in a girls mouth. And honestly, the first thing I did was literally laugh my fucking ass off because, I was not surprised at all . He literally would do the same shit to me and to many other girls. And i know what you guys are thinking ” Shaelen why are you trying to be with someone that is a piece of shit and is playing you left and right, you look like a dumbass”.  

Trust me, I agree with you guys 100%, I am a complete dumbass and I deserve WAY better than what I’m trying to get. I am worth way more than a piece of shit like that, I know my worth and will never go to someone like that ever again. This was a well experience learned and always remember to know your worth and never stoop so low to a boy
(not a man), that is desperate for one thing and that is to get in your pants.


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