Not knowing what to get your significant other can sometimes be a headache but, anything handmade is the way to a girls heart if you still want to splurge on some luxury then these items are for you.


You can never go wrong with a dozen roses

Landeau Roses


If she’s obsessed with white marble, definitely get this for her.

Christian Paul Watches


The sweet and sensual citrus scent of roses

D&G Beauty Rosa Excelsa


If she loves a strong, fresh, warm scent then this is the best pick.

Burberry Body Eau De Parfum


Some over-sized all gold aviators are a big win as a gift.

Quay Australia High Key


You can never go wrong with a cute tumbler. Floral Tumbler


No not diamonds, chocolate is a girl’s best friend.

Lindt Valentine Gift Basket


To end the night on the right note, pop a bottle of champagne and take a nice bath.

Moet Rose Champagne

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