I think all of us has had that one amazing, unforgettable summer love that ends in complete fucking disaster. 

As for me, it was a summer love that would happen every summer but with the same guy. It comes to a point that you both get tired or one is putting more effort and the other is just trying to get some action for as long as he can until he has been satisfied enough and then it’s onto the next victim on his trail.

And if you are that person that has been on and off with this guy and you just want to make things work and see where they go, here are some things you should just NOT DO (from my experience):

  • Don’t ever force things to further EVER, if it is meant to be let it happen.

  • If you already see signs that he really doesn’t want what you are looking for ( or you guys aren’t on the same page with how this will go), that is an automatic “GOODBYE” to his ass.

  • Always remember your self-worth, we sometimes get blinded by that love/fantasy and think that things will go smooth if you keep pushing towards how this “fling” or whatever you wanna call it goes.

  • The more you push it to the way you want it, the more you are pushing him away from ever having those ideas/thoughts of seeing where this goes with you.

  • If it ends up in turmoil, it is not  ALL YOUR FAULT. If he knew the way you felt about him, you wanted it to be serious one day he should have not continued whatever it was you guys were doing and to keep your hopes that maybe something serious will come out of it.

  • If your loved ones are seeing signs that ‘maybe he’s just not that into you’ in that way TAKE THOSE SIGNS SERIOUSLY. The people that truly love you and want the best for you will automatically know what this asshole’s intentions are and what he is capable of.

  • LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS. Unfortunately for me, I got lost for a moment and thought if he didn’t love me I would never be loved but the best thing that I realized that I had myself and I will never let a “man” ever try to take away my self-happiness ever again.

Maybe this is the reason why people call it a “summer love” because, its a phase or process that unfortunately us women have to go through to remind ourselves that we are unique and smart women and we don’t need a man to show us that we are incredible and strong women cause we already are without you.

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