One thing that I have a heavy belief in is karma. 

Good or bad, karma definitely exists in this world I have witnessed it many times. A very well known saying is if ” you do bad to others, it let’s others do bad to you.” 

As a human being we are nowhere near perfect. If you don’t experience in life you won’t learn. We tend to do stupid things that are way out of our character and through experience we learn on how to prevent of committing that action again. Now on the other hand, we also tend to do things that we definitely know is fucked up, cruel and just straight the fuck up wrong. I personally can’t wrap around my head on why people do the things they do. If they are the cause of committing pain and stress towards another human and know they are doing it just to benefit themselves, they will receive that same pain one way or another. (And that is the part where the assholes in the situation tend to forget) As I am beginning to enter my “adult life” (in reality just my 20’s) the things I have done throughout my life that weren’t my best moments, I now step back and look at myself and I ask “do I love the woman that I am becoming? Are my intentions towards others good or bad ? Am I setting a good example to those that look up to me?” We never want to fuck up trust me I know I’m one of those people. My intention will never be a bad one but if it comes off to another person that it is, you always need to step back and think is it benefitting me or them?

Always remember that in life you never want to be the one to  give out the bad vibes. Having that bad energy inside and giving it others around you, It will definitely be given back to you. Be the person that gives good and you WILL receive good. I have seen people “act” like they are good when in reality they are the most sneaky vindictive people you can imagine. Their real shell tends to unfold to a complete 360.

Think twice always of what comes out your mouth and on the decisions that are most important because, if they are out of bad intentions you will definitely have karma slapping you in the face when you least expect it. And karma has a lovely way of appearing in your life.  

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