The famous “belt bag” or formally known as the fanny pack back in the 90’s, has made it’s comeback to the millennial world.

High end brands such as Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton and more have brought bag probably one of the most convenient small leather goods back.

They do however tend to be on the pricey side which is also a downfall. Luckily I have managed to find some of the cutest belt bags that are not only fashionably pleasing but it is also pleasing to your wallet:

Eastpak Transparent Belt Bag – $45.00

Adidas Original Belt Bag – $30.00

Opening Ceremony Fanny Pack – $75.00

Nine West Imogen Fanny – $23.53

Calvin Klein’s Crossbody belt Bag – $95.00

FILA Logo Sling Bag – $34.00

FILA Sling Logo Bag (black & navy) – $29.00

GUESS Varsity Quilted Belt Bag – $68.00

Steve Madden MM 780 – $30.00

Now if you are still interested in the high end belt bags here are the links to them for purchase !

LOUIS VUITTONG Bumbag – $1,500.00

GUCCI Print Belt Bag – 1,290.00

YSL Lou Belt Bag – $850.00

DOLCE & GABBANA Logo Tape Belt Bag – $662.90


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