Purchasing valentine’s day gifts from the store is are always great ( no one can’t complain) but personally I think the best gifts are handmade gifts. Doing DIY gifts are the best because, they come from the heart and your significant other put time and effort on your gift.

Here are a couple of DIY gift ideas for your loved one:



A box full of candy is definitely the way to a girls heart.

All you simply need to do is buy some of her/his favorite candies and write little cheesy notes on them. And to top them off, put it in a cute decorative box (some markers and construction paper). I would honestly cry if someone got this for me.



If your loved one just absolutely loves boozes simply by his/hers favorites to drink in a miniature size, but an empty heart-shaped box and you will be good to go. (Never forget to write something cheesy).



These DIY posters I’m obsessed with! They are so cute and clever you can get all of these items at the dollar store. All you need is a poster, his/her favorite candy, a sharpie marker and you will be good to go!



An envelope full of lipstick kisses showing the reason why you deserve a kiss is the sweetest. If you guys have busy schedules and don’t have time for real ones then, giving him these kisses with a cute note on the back shows your love and appreciation.



If you’re that couple that are busy working, school, etc. Writing little notes when his/her mind is (some ideas are) having a bad day, you’re super tired, need a laugh, you’re having a good day, you’re at work, when we have a fight, you’re thinking about the future, etc. These are just some of the ideas you can write to him/her showing that you’ll always be there.



Memory boxes are so much fun to make because, you get to write/type the good and crazy times that you’ve made together or those times that weren’t the best that you just can’t forget about.



Surprising her/him with heart-shaped balloons attached with love notes is an adorable surprise and definitely instagram worthy.




Making some breakfast for your loved one (especially if they are heart shaped) is really meaningful. Busting your ass in the kitchen to make it as perfect as possible for him/her to be happy.

P.S. shoutout to pinterest for all of these great Valentine’s day ideas!




if you have an obsession with white marble like me then this is the perfect article for you!

I’ve been wanting to have a white marble desk for a really long time but, unfortunately white marble is really expensive and it is  the “it” tile in the market which makes it more valuable. I have been trying to find the most affordable way to have my “white marble” table.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Acrylic paint (white & black)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paint brushes

Honestly, it costs only $4 for all of these items to make the “white marble. I purchased all of the products from target.

 So this is my boring, scratched up plain desk and I just couldn’t have it like this anymore.
 I first started painting the entire table with white acrylic paint. I made about 2 to 3 coats.

 To make the streaks with black acrylic paint make lines anywhere.  Just pick a spot where you want to start (preferably beginning in the corners) drag them around.
This is where you can do as many streaks as you want. Then, get some rubbing alcohol and brush over the black streaks ( it will give it more of a marble effect.)       Depending on how many streaks you put will depend how much more of the “white marble effect” will appear.

Leave it to dry for about 2 hours and then you will be done!

 If you guys have any questions just leave a reply below!

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I have heard back and fourth about photoshopping, the good and the bad. I am in no shame what so ever that I photoshop. It has been a really long time since Ive done it and photo shop isn’t a bad thing. Depending on how you do it to your photo is the way it will look. People automatically think photo shop is just making yourself look slimmer. NO SWEETHEART USE YOUR BRAIN! Photo Shop enhances your features, basically anything. From slimming yourself down, making your hair and skin look flawless, and even to applying makeup on. I am not against it what so ever and trust me when I tell you given fact, almost everyone that you know uses it.

Do you really think all those magazine covers, fashion campaigns, makeup campaigns, literally anything that involves promoting something photoshopping is used. From the most well known celebrities from Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce. Yes these women use photo shop its actually a normal thing to do. Now if you do it to an extent that clearly does not look like you at all you shouldn’t do it. In reality you should not judge people for what they do on social media let people do what they want, its their life and if you want to photo shop go right ahead just make sure you  stunt! And I made this post because, people just love judge me at every move I make. All I can say is simply WHO CARES? Does my personal stuff really matter that much to you? Just do you and do what makes you happy.


  • All my life I have struggled with my weight, hair, skin, and teeth. I wasn’t born with a “perfect” body, straight teeth, long thick hair, or perfect skin atleast I was for a bit. Society has this specific look that every women should have and if you don’t have it then you aren’t worthy. To me that is complete bullshit.
  • Not too long ago I was trying to find myself. What kind of person that I wanted to be and what I wanted to pursue in my life. I want to be a fashion designer with my own brand, not just any brand. A brand that would represent all women, we are all equal. We shouldn’t be bringing each other down, its bad enough that society and “men” judge us.
  • I want to have a company that embraces women of all sizes. I know the feeling of going into a store and not finding something as simple as a shirt or even pants, I will have everything for my brand its going to symbolize confidence, positivity, and just feeling sexy in your own skin.
  • Show off the things you don’t like about yourself, stop thinking of what people are going to say about you because, at the end of the day they will talk no matter what. People love to bring others down cause they either wish they had the attitude or character that you have.
  • I realized that not too long ago and you know what, just live your life, be positive no matter what the circumstances are. Show off your skin, show off that smile, show off your hair, hips, arms, anything that you consider as a flaw embrace it. Your flaws are what make you unique, that’s how I look at it. I know at first you would be scared but in the end it shows that you are a powerful human being.
  • Do you honestly think models are considered born perfect? If only you knew the things they have to go through in order to get that “look”. And I’m not talking about all models but the majority of them. And yes if you really are considering doing plastic surgery then do it! Fuck what people think, you want to do better for yourself and if thats what you think is best then do it.
  • I made this blog post because, I want all women to know all ages, that who you are physically doesn’t define how you are internally. Be proud of you are and what you want to represent. Show off what you got cause that makes you, YOU!


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Oh do i get this question a million times a day, which i don’t mind but i do want to set the record straight on why i love the Kardashians so much especially Kim. I remember the first time i watched KUWTK and i was only 10 years old, me running through channels and i think to myself “Who the hell are these people?”, “They look hispanic , eh ill watch it”. By then i just started to watch their show they had a lot of humor, a lot of drama (clearly), but I did not know really much about them till i did some research. Now growing up for me as a teen i had many many insecurities and i still do today but they made me open my eyes a bit. We all know if you know the Kardashians you definitely know about Kim’s sex tape. Yes i hear it all “Why is she your idol, she’s a whore”, “She’s a slut, they’re all retarded”. Ive heard it all and I’m use to it. Kim took a horrible situation from someone that she loved and turned into a multi-million dollar franchise, she took something so horrible into her having a clothing store with her sisters, magazine covers, beauty/hair products, and way much more. They aren’t perfect but they are so confident each and every single one, which i really admire from them. Like i said before I am not what so ever perfect, neither are they which they inspire me to keep on focusing on my goal and simply not giving a fuck what anybody thinks. Another Kardashian that i do really keep up with is Khloe.


She has been body shamed numerous times everywhere and i thought to myself “she is perfect, i don’t get why people keep trashing her through the media about her body when in fact, i wish i did have her body.” Then after a gruesome divorce she simply gave a big fuck you to everyone that body shamed her  on the cover and having huge spread on COMPLEX magazine, the whole world was blown away, including me. I wasn’t surprised though Khloe is and always will be a beautiful confident woman and i wish i had an ounce of that confidence. They all inspire me to be confident, be yourself and at the end of the day people will still judge you no matter what cause either they envy you, or wish they were

Another thing i want to get cleared out is another thing of Kim, she was not Paris Hilton’s bitch she was her close friend at the time and Kim started her career as stylist and and closet stylist as well, she would re-do celebrities closets and sell their things on e-bay. Obviously she got her attention from the media when her ex-boyfriend Ray j which he was unfortunately considered as a “rapper” at the time their sex tape was leaked. All I have to say is they aren’t bad people, people make mistakes thats how you learn in life to not do it again. Imagine being judged for every single little thing that you do and it being caught on the tabloids for the most ridiculous rumor in the world and other people actually believing, you would be fucking pissed right? Now imagine being in Kim’s shoes how would you feel about the world judging you in everything that you’d do? Crazy right. People will always want to see the worst in you cause thats just how vicious people can be. The Kardashians have shown me to always stay positive and do what you want in life and be yourself.




I am a HUGE procrastinator with everything and anything , especially when it comes to getting ready and picking out an outfit to go out with. But I do have some tips to make your outfit look as if you spent hours on it and in an easier and faster way.

Here’s some tips on achieving it :


Trust me by following these simple tips you’re going to see the difference in getting ready.


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  • Sometimes it can be really difficult to find inspiration for some people that get cheered on for creativity , atleast for me it is . 
  • You just have to brainstorm your mind a bit , search some patterns , textures or things that actually matter in the world that no one else notices but you . 
  • Since I’m trying to start my career in fashion design , beauty , and marketing . I do have a huge imagination , which kind of sounds crazy but i love creating things that people dont have , i dont like to be like everyone else because it is just too boring . 
  • Sometimes my mom gets upset at me for not dressing a certain way or styling my hair like other girls she see , well I’m not one of them . I like to dress unique and classy and the way she sees it isn’t her expertise but i think in my opinion everyone should dress the way you want . THE BEST WAY TO EXPRESS YOURSELF IS THE WAY YOU DRESS ! Not only is it good to style in your own way but it tells a story and thats what i love about fashion there is an unlimited amount of creativity in this world you just have to find it . 
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