No matter what you do or love people will talk. It’s normal for that to happen. Either there are people that truly support you and know that you will conquer the things you love or they are simply too faced. I consider those people my motivators, yes I know it sounds really odd the fact that I consider the people that terribly criticize me the ones that motivate me the most. It encourages me to do the absolute best of my abilities and I love their reaction when they notice, it’s like giving them a big slap in the face which is the best feeling. Always remember the people that were there for you since the beginning, those are the real people that should be in your life. Never get distracted of that one goal that you have in life, why do something that you absolutely despise? Do something that makes a difference in your life, that makes you unconditionally happy. I know what its like to have your family judge you and think that what you love to do is simply a stupid hobby or they don’t think it is a suitable career that is gonna make you a lot of money when in reality, it is what you want your career to be and in my opinion I think if you truly know what you want to do in your life and it is your ultimate goal, it wont be easy because, in life nothing is easy (obviously) and you will be successful in life if your’e passionate about what you want. Always remember it is your life and only you can make your dreams come true.