• Sometimes it can be really difficult to find inspiration for some people that get cheered on for creativity , atleast for me it is . 
  • You just have to brainstorm your mind a bit , search some patterns , textures or things that actually matter in the world that no one else notices but you . 
  • Since I’m trying to start my career in fashion design , beauty , and marketing . I do have a huge imagination , which kind of sounds crazy but i love creating things that people dont have , i dont like to be like everyone else because it is just too boring . 
  • Sometimes my mom gets upset at me for not dressing a certain way or styling my hair like other girls she see , well I’m not one of them . I like to dress unique and classy and the way she sees it isn’t her expertise but i think in my opinion everyone should dress the way you want . THE BEST WAY TO EXPRESS YOURSELF IS THE WAY YOU DRESS ! Not only is it good to style in your own way but it tells a story and thats what i love about fashion there is an unlimited amount of creativity in this world you just have to find it . 
  • Article by : Shaelen Serrano 
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How to get rid of dis-coloration/ Acne scars !!!

I have battled with acne and especially acne scaring , TRUST ME WHEN I SAY I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN THE COUNTER , DRUGSTORE  AND EXPENSIVE SKINCARE . At the end of the day the most natural products are the best and i had to learn the hard way . This skincare recipe i learned from my mom that lightens your skin trust me and i will be saying this ALOT but i have had the WORST acne ever and this recipe really helped and my skin not only that but it boosted up my confidence , i stopped wearing so much sweaters and cover ups because i didn’t like the way they looked . You can think in your mind that you have the worst acne scaring and think there is no way of getting rid of it . HAVE NO FEAR THE RECIPE IS HERE : All you need is 3 simple ingredients !

Lemon3 images Unknown

WHAT YOU NEED – 1/2 of a lemon , 2 or 3 aspirin tablets & 2 table spoons of baking soda  (amount depends on how much your gonna use so it depends on you )

Step 1

– Grab a plate put all the ingredients together & small the aspirin tablets .

Step 2

– Stir all the ingredients together until you start to see the lemon with the baking soda and aspirin turning into a foamy texture .

Step 3

– The second you notice put it on which ever area you are going to apply it ( you can even apply it on elbows or your knees btw ! )

Step 4

– Leave the paste on for as long as you can , i would say for about an hour : the longer you leave it on the better results you get !

Step 5

-After you see the paste dried , simply get a damp luke warm towel and remove it after leave your skin alone for the pores to breathe

IMPORTANT TIP !!! : DONT GO OUTSIDE ( remember lemon has acidic in it and it can cause burning on the skin ! )


ANOTHER TIP : I would definitely do this every 3 days ; the more you do this the better and faster results you will see on you skin !

Hope this helps many of you guys !

XOXO , Shaelen


It has been a long time that we , well everyone who cares about the Kardashians/Jenner’s been waiting for .

And that is Bruce Jenner’s full transition as a Woman . Since early January there has been speculation of Bruce dressing as a woman , growing his hair out and painting his nails and there were lots of ridiculous rumors and lies and of course all the fans (including me ) wanted to know the truth but only from no one else but Bruce Jenner himself . Then when he announced that he was going  to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer there was even more speculation but in all honesty i knew that Bruce would announce it and all the rumors at once .

I think it was an amazing clever way of showing off to the world in a fashionable , classy way of showing the new and improved Jenner , well now known as Caitlyn Jenner . But Caitlyn wait! Where is the famous “K” that all the girls have ?! ( i think it’s a more unique touch to it  ) . Now my blog is all true and  honest  from me who is the writer & editor of this website , my opinion will always be the truth and i am proud of you Caitlyn Jenner .

It is going to be difficult to forget about Bruce because , he was an amazing incredible loving person but something way better and extravagant is here , which is Caitlyn .





Last Sunday , ( May 17 , 2015 )  At the billboard awards red carpet , 27 year old fashion director of Balmain Paris , Olivier Rousteing walks with models Kendall Jenner & Jourdan Dunn , dipped from head to toe as we would know it to being the classic Balmain prints and embellishments that everyone loves to see being created , but HUGE SURPRISE it is pieces of the new line that the young fashion director is colliding with one of the most known it fashion stores , H&M coming out in the fall (November 5 ,2015 ) this is honestly better than when Alexander Wang with H&M . For any more updates or sneak previews about the collection i will notify ASAP! You already know i am definitely going to buy some pieces it feels like the gods have finally answered my prayers which is weird because , i had a very distinctive feeling this was going to happen and I’m soon excited it is !  XOXO , shaelencita balmain-hm-designer-collaboration-002 28CFD42300000578-3086139-image-m-46_1431944013853 bbmas-kendall-jourdan-balmain